A New Collection of Bears!

A month or so ago Ellen Hutson released a new Bear Ware 4. Oh M Gee! Totally love it and if you have not fallen for the the bears…..today may be your day!

The Little bear is part of Bear Ware 4. He’s new! I just can’t stop… Every time I bust them out they are even cuter than before!

Halloween, Thanksgiving and next is Christmas….

Hopefully the Starbucks cup will be red this year!

There is a BUNCH of Bear and His Ware. I’m going to list them here but you will have to search them on Ellen’s site if you are getting them all. Search “All Inside Bear” to get the Bear. Search “Bear Ware” to get everything else.

  • The main stamp set with the Bear is called All Inside Bear. He has a die.
  • Original Bear Ware and matching dies
  • Bear Ware 2 and matching dies
  • Bear Ware 3 and matching dies
  • Bear Ware 4 and matching dies
  • Warm Fuzzies sentiment set.

I have linked to most below. Happy Shopping! If by chance something is out of stock. put your email on the list . They come back pretty quick! These make great gifts for the stampers in your life.


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