Disney Day 2

Pictures say it the best!  Here are a few of my favorites.  No particular order and not really in order by Day either.

It was LOTS OF FUN!!!  Many of you know we are not a Theme park family so we planned absolutely NOTHING.  We checked the map as we entered the park, choose a few attractions and enjoyed!

Jan, Kathy & I before the park opened, getting ready for Space Mountain FIRST!

Sure was a NICE SU perk to be in the Magic Kingdom an hour before the rest of the park-goers! Were were there for a Private viewing of the Monsters Inc show.

Corny, very cute, & very early in the morning!!

I took pictures of each of the Park entrances that we went to

First Character: Alice in Wonderland.  I look like such a tourist but comfy feet is a MUST

One of my Favorite shots.  Donald made them all laugh!

Belle in Epcot

The Disney Boardwalk Hotel waterslide.  I say no more…

Cameron celebrated his Birthday, ALL WEEK, at Disney.  Lots of birthday wishes all week long kept a big smile on his face.  and a few free desserts were a nice perk too!

Hospitality room:  Each of my kids now like to spin for my prize.  Oh and do I love the SU prizes!  New ribbons, paper and embellishments were just a few.  

Race car driving!

Cameron  looks a little to excited!

The resort was just fabulous.

Line up so I can take your picture!  LOL

a few more tomorrow and then its BACK TO STAMPING!!!

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