Fiji Incentive trip day 4 & 5

These 2 days were pretty much relaxing by the pool, reading,  plus our Final night Dinner and share time and Swaps.

The pool was beautiful when the sun came out:

a view from the SALT restaurant where we ate lunch:

Final night Dinner and some catching up with a few BFFs!

A few, but not all of the RemARKables

Meg & Cynthia- the Demos I presented with last summer at Convention!

Oh dear- my hair….and my cute Husband!

Lily pads galore all around the resort 

For the share time:  I learned how to make these incredible samplers.  You will see classes on these really soon!



Some ideas using new product:

more swaps:

and the best part of vacation is coming home.  Here is the driveway sign we got when we pulled up.  inside were messages and notes letting us know how much we were missed!  


Be back tomorrow with the PILLOW GIFTS!  Hope you are enjoying my trip highlights!

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  1. Donna
    May 11, 2013 / 3:49 pm

    Your "chalk signs" teared me up; how loving and welcoming and sweet! Nothing's better than that!Loved the pictures and cards too; just lovely!Thanks for SHARING with us! 🙂

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