Fiji Incentive trip: The Pillow gifts!

One of the highlights of the incentive trips are the PILLOW GIFTS!!!

I have to admit that I did “borrow” a few pictures from a few of my demo friends as I ripped into MOST of my pillow gifts before taking pictures!  Thanks to Denise Donald, Kay Kalthof and Linda Heller for helping me with this post!

When we walked into the room, this was in front of the bed:

and this message from Shelli was on the bed!

A great tote for carrying towels on excursions!

 a box full of NEW PRODUCT (sorry can’t show you yet)

a hat for me and a backpack for him

 exclusive Fiji Lotion and Sugar Scrub.  NICE!!!

Can you believe there were MORE gifts??  Yes!!!  There were poolside gifts, bean bag toss gifts, gifts from general session, gifts at the final dinner.  

one word: SPOILED!!!

I loved every minute of this trip!  So looking forward to the Western Caribbean cruise next year!

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  1. Donna
    May 11, 2013 / 3:51 pm

    Soo exciting and fun; lucky you! 🙂

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