For the New baby

Not mine- my husband’s co-worker! Made a FABULOUS matching gift bag and note card but missed the Photo op before the gift left the house! I used the pumpkin patch set and last years Halloween paper with the pumpkins on it and tied a big bow with the pumpkin pie wide striped ribbon!!! all I can say is STINKIN CUTE!!!! I know– I should re-create it but I have too many other things to make on my list and this baby has been waiting about 2 weeks!

the Bucket is stuffed with a Halloween bib and matching sleeper. then I tucked a sweet treat in there for Mom! go knows she needs the M&M’s about now!!


ps. the bucket is from the dollar spot at the red bulls-eye store a few months back. bought a whole bunch and never used them. Anyone else have that problem????

I tied the bow through holes punched in the bucket with my cropadile! keeps the ribbon from sliding off.

ETA : The holes are about a inch apart behind the bow. use your cropadile

in one hole and out the other. tough to get the 2nd ribbon through but it can be done. I also put some sticky strip on the back to hold the ribbon


  1. Krista
    September 17, 2009 / 1:15 pm

    How cute, and yes, I know all about trips to dollar spots at several stores around town. I did use most of my buckets for Easter, but then I had to buy more b/c I was out! Went yesterday and got some really cute Halloween boxes with ribbon handles at that certain store's dollar spot.

  2. InspiredByInk
    September 17, 2009 / 2:02 pm

    OMG, I have a bunch of those buckets too lol. I haven't used them yet but thanks for the GREAT idea!How did u thread it thru holes? Or I guess I should ask where are the holes? If you don't want to divulge then that's not a problem either.Thanks for sharing! A faithful reader…Bobbie *Ü*

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