Founder’s Circle Sharing

Well, better late than never when it comes to sharing.  Needless to say I had a wonderful time in southern Utah- I can not believe I have been home for almost a week!!

Of course Stampin Up! Spoiled us rotten!   Here are a few highlights from the trip.

The door signs are AWESOME

The first night dinner.  YUMMY and look at all my new friends!

Stampin Up! can throw a party- look at the details!

and my new personalized stamp!  LOVE!!

and my pillow gift from the 1st night!

and now on to the Hike!  Hiking, Rock rappelling and zip lining for my girl time adventure.  and more great friends!

Me, Linda & Ronda

Karen, Brenda K, Brenda M& Jackie

Here is a shot of the whole group!

A few I have hiked with 3 years in a row and for some others it was their 1st time.  a true highlight of my trip to Founder’s!  these ladies literally ROCK! (pun intended)

Here I am looking like a real Rock star!

and the zip line- Fun its so hard to tell from the picture– it was HIGH and that was really just a wire.  I was very nervous as this was my very frst zip line.

I will share some more tomorrow!

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