Handmade Autumn cards because Fall starts tomorrow!

One more day till Fall.  I love the cooler temperatures and I am so completely over the rain!  I have been crafting all the handmade autumn cards this week! Pumpkins yesterday,  Acorns today! 

How fun is this!  It’s Thankful Friends bundle for this project.  Wait till you see how cute the Fox and the Squirrel are!(coming soon)  These acorns are paper pieced together to create the 2-tone look.  Check out the tutorial in this video below.  

…and a new stamping tip!

I learned a new stamping trick this week from my coach friend Sara.  After almost 14 years of stamping.  Hard to believe I am still learning new and fun things to make!  You can use colored pencils to add controlled shading to flat images.   

Ummm, say what?

I need to try this right away. I will admit I was pretty happy with my “flat” acorns but I grabbed my Journey Color Burst pencils and added some very basic shading and look at these acorns.  Flat acorns on the left.  Simple (I am no artist) shading on the right.  HOLY COW! those acorns POP!

I am going to admit right now I am not an artist that knows shading, light sources or any other fancy stuff.  I stamp, I color and thats about the extent of it.  COMING NEXT WEEK: a Video Tutorial that will show you how I shaded the acorns and a second card with some shading on pumpkins.  OH MY WOW!  If I can do this you can too!  Get your pencils ready!

Need more Handmade Autumn cards?  Check out this card and this card.  Here are the supplies (I did not list the color burst pencils). Click the image to shop in my store:


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