Introducing the Spellbinders Betterpress with Mushrooms

Confession time: I have had this Betterpress Platform since June when it was launched. and now I am asking myself…What was I waiting for? It’s so easy to make beautiful letterpress style cards in seconds.

I purchased the BetterPress Letterpress System‘s Exclusive Starter Bundle which came with the Betterpress platform plus some inks, several plates and a bunch of the soft cotton paper. The new fall Betterpress plates are what inspired me! Sadly the bundle is not available anymore

Here is my 1st Betterpress project- Mushroom Notecards made with the Mushroom Duo Press Plate & Die Set.

This Betterpress platform is not stamping. It is pressing the image into the cardstock with a specialized printing process that creates letterpress stationery. (think wedding invitations) Its thicker paper than traditional cardstock- more like watercolor paper.

I colored these mushroom with Zig Clean color watercolor markers. You can use any coloring medium that you have. the paper is a little softer than traditional cardstock.

heck out my Instagram reel to see how they come together:

You can watch the Spellbinders Video here to learn more:


BetterPress Letterpress System

Mushroom Duo Press Plate & Die Set 


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