More Convention Sharing

It really is about friends!

I love all these ladies so much!

and never a shortage of ideas!

And of course recognition

this year I was happy to celebrate earning:

The Achievers Bonus

$200K Career Sales

The Grand Vacation (Western Caribbean Cruise)

Leadership Award

Recruiting Award

 over $50K in Sales this past year.  

and Founders Circle!  

I had a GREAT STAMPIN’ UP! Year!  Thanks to all my Friends, Family, Customers and Downline.  YOU ROCK!

This is my friend Maria  we celebrated $200K together on stage!

and of course Prize Patrol.  6 years and I finally won!!!

Convention 2013

Here are a few Highlights from my trip

FRIENDS!!!  Its all about FRIENDS!



FUN TIMES with scooters

Stood in a REALLY long line to take part in a World record.  It was fun!!!


My friend Kelli at the Mail truck!

Endless Display boards!!!

On stage with Shelli– Movement cards.  WOW!!!

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How about a little bit more….

OMG I made the Highlights video.  HOLY COW.  this is so cool! (I am about 2:57)

Here is the Convention 2012 theme song and video that went with it.  Such a catchy Tune! and how cute is the Stampin Up! Staff

Seriously– How can anyone call this work?  LOVE MY JOB ALL THE WAY!!!!

And Can you Believe my Daughter got 2nd place last night at champs!  Oh my she got to be on TV too!  wooohoooo

2nd place 25 back!  She was so cute!  They asked her how many bathing suits she had.  (she said 7) and what her full name was and team. (can you tell I am excited for her) 

One more Summer meet- Junior Olympics! and then its break time.

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Convention Highlights Day 1

I am off and Running to swim Champs today and tomorrow – so this will be QUICK!

Rehearsal for “I can earn and Incentive Trip” Class

Finding out I earned Founders!  Little Ribbon in a secret envelope versus a Bag- I prefer the bag.  We got it at wards night!  Its so cute!

GREAT Product displays

My Friend Helen (and  Downline) !

My friend Kathy!

More tomorrow!

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More Convention sharing!

Well, catch has been taking me DAYS!    here are a few more pictures from Convention!

Becky Roberts asked my to Join her meeting– WOW,  I felt FAMOUS! Hanging with both Becky and Diana Gibbs– OMG!!!  little do they both know, I actually admire BOTH of them!

Janet Wakeland.  truly and amazing woman and friend

When they say SU is all about the friends you make– they are right on!  Kathy, Laurie & Jan truly have become such dear friends to me.  the added bonus we will vacation together at Founder’s Circle and Disney!

These wonderful ladies are the Dreambuilders. a business building group I am in as part of the RemARKable stampers

a stampin BFF, Deanna

So wondering what we have been doing these past few days??

Ribbon Shares!!!!  My helpers are so cute, they actually LOVED it.

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Convention Day 1

I spent most of last week at Convetion in Utah.  what a BLAST!!!  SU outdid themselves this year.  I got so much stamps for free I had to ship a HUGE box home!  WOW WOW WOW!!

Some Highlights in pictures:

Teammates & I that earned the Disney trip!

thanks Beth ann for Sharing the pic!

Kathy & I both earned Founders Circle.  This is the 2nd time I earned it!  I am number 76 out of about 40,000 demonstrators!  woohooo!

yup its an exclusive purse and it ROCKS

Kathy & Terry –we hung out together a lot.  FUN!

and My Stampin Sister Meg.  We have so much in common we should be related!

a treat I gave to some special Demo friends!

more to come tomorrow– working on Ribbon and paper shares and so much more!! 

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Convention highlights part 3 the wrap up!

Oh I could post for so many days about Convention!!!  But now its time to wrap it up!!!

I was a member of recruit crew (recruiting training & focus group at Stampin Up!) and had a new team member join my team in June– the perk, Breakfast with Shelli and other 

members of the corporate team.

here we are before awards night.  Me, Arlene, Deanna & Lanie

The cruise march- Alaska here I come!

Laurie, Me, Jan, Kathy

Demonstrator of the year- Woo Hoo I’m #62 (pinch me I still can not believe it!)

The Local Sparkle Diva girls at our Annual Dinner at PF Changs- 3rd year running!

A fun night to Celebrate Jan’s Birthday and brainstorm business ideas with my teammates!

Happy Birthday Jan!!!

While I was away,  my son was awarded his very 1st swimming trophy

– Most improved 11-12 year old boy

Way to Go Cameron!!!!

Back to the cards and FUN projects tomorrow!  Thanks to everyone for your sweet messages of Congratulations!  What a memorable event!!

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Convention highlights part 2

Here we are for the 1st General Session– Lots of Demonstrators there!  Almost 3,000!!! 

The Sweet shoppes were AMAZING!!!!  So many cute and color coordinated items.

I cant wait to make these for my next party for my kids!!!

Incredible display boards for the stamps we got in our Convention bags!

Shelli on Stage

Deanna & Arlene having fun at the make and takes

And Lanie too!

Me and Natalie (my Service Account Manager)

I love her!  She is the BEST!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my recap of Awards Night & Convention wrap up!  I could post all week about it– but really you should become a Demonstrator and come– its the best time ever. I have gone 4 times!

If you are interested in Joining my team, Please email me!  

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Convention highlights part 1

Well this was surely a Convention to remember for me!!

When I checked in for convention they told me I had won an award.  I had no idea I had won Founder circle!  What an honor to be in the top 100 US demonstrators out of more than 35,000 or how ever many there are of us!!!

this is me when I got the bag.  I was not expecting this even though my teammates kept telling me they thought I would be there!!

this is my friend Laurie–she got a bag too!

and this is my Upline (by 4 levels) Janet Wakeland in the gray sweater)– she got a bag too!  She is a big part of my success she is AMAZING and so motivating!!  I’m excited to go on vacation with 2 of my stamping friends!!!

As if the bag was not enough…you had to wait a whole day and a half till you found out the specifics!  more on that tomorrow!

FUN SHOPPING AT memento mall:  Craft totes, laptop bags, shopping bags, pop up trash cans and MORE!!!

Lunch time in the gathering place is crazy!!

A trip to the home office (my 1st time ever) was also very memorable! Fabulous ideas in the Legacy Room

WOW what a beautiful place to work!!

This is Me and my teammate Arlene outside the building!

its Hot in Utah!!!

Deanna, Arlene & myself

well of to work on Ribbon shares and classes….be back tomorrow with more!

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Convention Details coming soon

Got home yesterday from Salt lake city!  and spent today catching up.   and wow the day just flew by.  I have some more catching up for tomorrow but Hope to have my Convention Highlights up.  And what an AMAZING CONVENTION it was!!!

Stay tuned!!

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