Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Here are the chalkboards that I made for the Teachers:

the 2 taller ones are made with long board ( pg 185 in the catalog)

the middle one is made with the chipboard insert that came with my Sending love designer specialty paper. its only (12 inches tall) Thanks SU!

 a closer look:  for Mrs Behl:

for Mr Kehl


for Mrs Delange

and here is a bag of treats for My sons teacher, Mrs Ruffo.  

He wanted to give her a chalkboard at the end of the year!  

How cute is this flower to sit on your desk???

Mini Milk Cartons and the fancy favor box for my sons male teachers

– filled to the top with chocolate!

Here they are all lined up in the kitchen so my kids could shop….

Carson’s not into getting his picture taken!!  

and one last minute addition finished right before the bus for Mrs Mohr-kase

I with in minutes I got emails from the teachers saying how much they loved everything!  I sure do have a great job!  I love, love, love to give hand stamped gifts!!!

ETA:  product numbers:
118815 DÉCOR ELEMENTS SHEETS CHALKBOARD approx 14″x24″ $14.95 
 114320  On Board Long Board  $6.95

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A fond farewell for Miss Blum

My daughter was very attached to her 1st Grade student teacher Miss Blum.  her last day was last Thursday and this is what we made her.

Note cards and a fancy favor purse.  Each child in the class had a 3×3 tart and tangy note card to write her a special message on her last day.  then she could take all the notes home as a keepsake in her fancy favor box purse.

I recently held a class for these chalkboard stands.  OMGoodness these are so fun to make. Miss Blum got a double sided one that was mostly designed by my daughter.

and here is the other side:

I completely stole this idea from My up-up-upline Jan.  Ohhhh how I love my team!  they have some of the best ideas!!!

Supplies:  this uses the longboard chip board and the decor elements chalkboard (bulk) both sold by Stampin’ Up!  various dsps, embellishements and dies for the bigshot!

Stay tuned tomorrow has more versions of these cool chalkboards!!

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How about some Holiday Home Decor?

This is the Level 2 Hostess Decor Element Dasher! Please disregard the blue wall paper I’m redecorating this room after the holidays!

Dasher is rubbed on the inexpensive canvas boards from the Craft store. its a challenge to get him to stick– I think I may have broke a sweat– but once he is stuck– he’s on there!

Tied ribbon and bells on his neck:

added glue and tinsel glitter (non SU) for the snow.

Frame is also from the craft store. right off the shelf!

Happy Holiday Decorating!

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on the Eleventh Day of Christmas…

I’m giving a “welcome” picture Frame. How cute is this on the end table?

Its almost embarrassing how easy this gift was to make! This is Cottage wall designer paper and Decor Elements I have had here for quite some time. I have even had the picture frame for a long long time. You know I buy things to Alter and never get to them! (until now!! ) Remember- try to use somethings you already own when making your gifts.

Stampin up is Running a special. if you spend $50 from the Holiday gift guide you get a $16.95 decor element for FREE. Click here for the gift guide PDF (be patient its 4 pages) and click here to shop for some Decor Elements on my Stampin Up Website!

On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

I’ll be giving some FABULOUS home decor!

White 12 x 12 Frame is from the Craft store- about $6 if you have a coupon!

Bashful Blue 12 x 12 Prints paper behind the glass

Rose Red wide stitched Ribbon

I cut from a sheet of Stampin Up! chocolate chip raw vinyl the live. laugh. love. I used the Stampin Up! Alphabet simple letters.

Decor Elements Upsy Daisy in Rose red on the front of the glass. You can make 2 frames like this from 1 sheet of the daisy decor elements. the others are on my laptop:

I highly Doubt I’ll gift this item- I already have a spot in my stamp room for this!

Oh so many gifts- and only 12 days! See you tomorrow! I have to tell you that I’m pretty pumped that 12 gifts will be crossed of my shopping list at the end of these 12 days!-ok 11 if I keep this frame!!! WoooHoooo!

Spikey Halloween Decor

EASY!!! my kids have already dipped into the candy!

Jar is from Ikea. Fill with orange candy. Definitely decorative Pumpkin Faces. Ribbon tied on the handle for spikey hair!

A few More Quarter Auction prizes

In addition to prizes shown in yesterdays post I made a version of this tile and the Stampin’ Up! Decor Elements.  My version had a few green leaves as well.  

And I also auctioned off a Birthday Box….

The Mr Twigster ornament and box are coming soon.  He was soooooo cute.  I think all the Quarter Auction prizes were well received.

More Decor Elements

After putting the Manhattan Flowers in my stamping space (see this post) My daughter BEGGED for some for her room.  I agreed to order her a few and she then asked every day for at least 8 days if the box had arrived yet.    She is only 5 and clearly some of the designs of the Decor Elements are too old for her room.

Here is what I designed for her Little Girl room. Can you tell by her face that she LOVES IT!!!   I LOVE decorating (but not as much as stamping).  Do you Love the Decor Elements, but you have no Idea what to do with them??? ….Email me (hilliard5 at mac dot com) a picture of your room and I can try to work out a design strategy for you.  I can then help you place your order as well!  These are so easy my 5 year old was helping Rub them on the walls.  We need to add 1 more pack of the leaves – near her dresser, near her bed and near her door.  Too CUTE!!!

As always it looks WAY better in Person, standing in the room!

Recipe:  Decor Elements, some helpers and a cute room.

My Stampin Space & Decor Elements

This is where I stamp.

My stamps are in these 2 cabinets (below) Plus the ones under the counter top(above). The table is a round glass table, formerly a kitchen table in my Mom’s Florida home. Its well travelled!
I just added the decor elements to the cabinet doors.

This door leads to the unfinished part of my basement. (I have some stuff in there too!)

Lots of you have Emailed me asking me to post my stamping space. I have a “nook” of our finished basement. I just added a few of the Decor Elements to my space. Everyone who lives here (the kids especially) thought they were great! Let me know what you think. I was creating-so it was not so clean and neat….but it never really is! LOL