Triangle punch flags

A cake cased from pinterest for my sons 16th Bday.  Happy Birthday Cameron!
Backstroke Flags are made with the Triangle Punch!

Pin It!

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We got Snow in October!

I took  a few days off from Stamping and working.  WOW a snow day can really help out in the productivity department!

Last time it snowed in October here in PA was 1972.  It was also the year of hurricane Agnes.  This year we had a hurricane and we have snow in October!!!

Here are a few shots from the weekend break!

My Daughter had her Halloween Parade: 

Princess M&M’s

They played some Ring toss at the party I volunteered at:

Under the umbrella to get the “shot” of the crazy weather.

 Snow just makes her Happy!!

the Dogs love it too!

Dogs were a little confused…..we have not closed the pool yet

We wrapped up the afternoon with the pumpkin.  Designed by my daughter

Have a great rest of the day

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Labor Day FUN

My daughter celebrated 9 years this weekend!  Lots of Family fun!  Here are a few of my favorite shots of the day and her extra special Birthday card!

the Birthday Girl in here really cute maxi dress and shrug!!

Had to bribe the boys for Pictures.  I really DISLIKE the hat.  YUK

The ice-cream cake

My father Extreme make-overed my doll house from when I was 10.  WOWZERS  its awesome.  

bribe to get a kiss on the cheek.  It did not work.

Love them!

Just Jake!  

Lexy Loves a party!

She loves to swim!

And her very special hand made Birthday card in her favorite colors!

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a glimpse of today

No stamping– just a few photos.  trying to improve my photo skills.  

Love their attempt at “tude”

forgot how small they really are.  

59 photos later….the one I really wanted!

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Did you have a Nice mother’s Day?

I sure Did!

Here were a few quick fancy favor boxes I gave away with yummy Knock you naked brownies inside. the picture stinks compared to whats below!

A few of my favorite pictures from yesterday.  I had some fun with my Camera! and the fact that it was Mother’s day and they had to be in the pictures because I said so!


The group shot, my request.

My Mom and my sister.  Love this one!

The cousins


My teenager!

The Boys!

See you tomorrow!

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A birthday this week

My Oldest sone turned 13 this past week.  Here is his card:

and here is the birthday boy!  had to get a quick shot with the phone before I forgot and the day whizzed by!!

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A little bit of spring!

this is a NON-stamping post.  will be back tomorrow with more projects

a little family update- Some new pictures of my 3 sweeties!
They sure do grow Quick!

and a Puppy Update, my other 3 sweeties

and there is the little bit of spring- the daffodils in the background of Zoe

Have a GREAT DAY!  My main Sweetie did not get his picture taken, oops!

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A Birthday, a card and more

This card is totally cased from another Demo named Kay.  I saw these awesome Bugs late in the evening in my google reader and stayed up to case them.  This card I gave my son yesterday for His 11th Birthday

It just cracks me up!

He loved it, (I think)

Lots of circles and Oval punches!  sooooo stinkin’ cute  Thanks Kay!

And My son Qualified for Junior Olympics in the 100 IM on His birthday!  He will not be able to attend since he is now 11, but he made his goal.  so exciting!

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