Fiji Incentive trip: The Pillow gifts!

One of the highlights of the incentive trips are the PILLOW GIFTS!!!

I have to admit that I did “borrow” a few pictures from a few of my demo friends as I ripped into MOST of my pillow gifts before taking pictures!  Thanks to Denise Donald, Kay Kalthof and Linda Heller for helping me with this post!

When we walked into the room, this was in front of the bed:

and this message from Shelli was on the bed!

A great tote for carrying towels on excursions!

 a box full of NEW PRODUCT (sorry can’t show you yet)

a hat for me and a backpack for him

 exclusive Fiji Lotion and Sugar Scrub.  NICE!!!

Can you believe there were MORE gifts??  Yes!!!  There were poolside gifts, bean bag toss gifts, gifts from general session, gifts at the final dinner.  

one word: SPOILED!!!

I loved every minute of this trip!  So looking forward to the Western Caribbean cruise next year!

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Fiji Incentive trip day 4 & 5

These 2 days were pretty much relaxing by the pool, reading,  plus our Final night Dinner and share time and Swaps.

The pool was beautiful when the sun came out:

a view from the SALT restaurant where we ate lunch:

Final night Dinner and some catching up with a few BFFs!

A few, but not all of the RemARKables

Meg & Cynthia- the Demos I presented with last summer at Convention!

Oh dear- my hair….and my cute Husband!

Lily pads galore all around the resort 

For the share time:  I learned how to make these incredible samplers.  You will see classes on these really soon!



Some ideas using new product:

more swaps:

and the best part of vacation is coming home.  Here is the driveway sign we got when we pulled up.  inside were messages and notes letting us know how much we were missed!  


Be back tomorrow with the PILLOW GIFTS!  Hope you are enjoying my trip highlights!

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Fiji Incentive Trip – Day 3

Here our some highlights from Day 3.  Besides relaxing at the pool and reading lots of books we went on a AMAZING jet ski safari.  I loved this.  We each had our own jet ski!

There were LOTS of Demos on this snorkel adventure!

 A few shots from my underwater camera:  These were really blue in real life.  I was disappointed in the reef because I expected it to look like something out of “Finding Nemo”, but they said it was damaged and brown from the Hurricane that destroyed a lot of the islands in December of last year. 

a shot looking back

I fed the fish some bread to get them closer.  It worked, but was hard to work the camera underwater and with a mask.  It was pretty much aim and hope for the best!

these were so bright blue in real life!!!

My husband.  We raced on these it was so fun.

The rest of the day was relaxing by the pool and doin’ NOTHING!

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Fiji Incentive Trip- Day 2

Our Excursion on day 2 way white water rafting.  WHEW!!! what a long day.  We left at 5 am and returned to the hotel at 7 PM.  Lots of crazy bus riding and a great River Tour.

Here are a few of my favorite pics:

Our group getting off the SUPER BUMPY 1.5 hour bus ride just to get to the river!



Lots of paddling!

a lunch break with my new BFF Michele Zindorf and her husband Russ!  and our guide Abraham.  He like to sing.  

OMG- I had curly hair here in Fiji.  It was unruly and looked like a perm.

My sweet husband Brian (he’s never on the blog)  (oh dear my hair!)

the cute dog at the end of our trip that was begging for treats and attention.  

See you tomorrow for Day 3!

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Fiji Incentive Trip day 1

WOW.  The trip was AMAZING even despite the travel time!  Here are a few highlights from our 1st day (not in a particular order)

General Session:  Very cool Fiji dancers and a band.  Lots of give-aways and Prizes and the AWESOME new catalog!

The lizard That paid our room a visit.  Never saw him again after this and the hotel staff swore he did not like luggage!

the beag bag toss for daily prizes.  They ROCKED and were all new product!

The Resort Day 1.  Yes it was raining, sometime a down pour!  a blessing though as we needed some serious sleep after the many many travel hours!  The pool was FAB!

in the hospitality room- unlimited Fiji water for us.  AWESOME!!!

Here is where we gather to hang out and catch up with friends! check in each day and drop off swaps.

another shot of the resort.   It was awesome!!!

See you tomorrow for another update on day 2.

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Baltimore Regionals!

Well, another fun filled day with Stamping Friends!

Here we are– My Team and our Fearless leader Janet!

Some fabulous stamping friends Cathy & Carolyn!

Make & Takes

Have a great Weekend!

A weekend Creative Escape!

I help my 1st overnight weekend retreat a few weeks ago.  Here are a few shots of the AMAZING weekend!

Loaded the car! It was pretty much my whole stamp room!

Candy & snacks!

Stamps & Ink! (Big Shots & Dies too!)

Make & Takes each day!

Lots of Inspiration!

Pillow Gifts!

All my Friends having a GREAT TIME stamping & scrapping

How about a little bit more….

OMG I made the Highlights video.  HOLY COW.  this is so cool! (I am about 2:57)

Here is the Convention 2012 theme song and video that went with it.  Such a catchy Tune! and how cute is the Stampin Up! Staff

Seriously– How can anyone call this work?  LOVE MY JOB ALL THE WAY!!!!

And Can you Believe my Daughter got 2nd place last night at champs!  Oh my she got to be on TV too!  wooohoooo

2nd place 25 back!  She was so cute!  They asked her how many bathing suits she had.  (she said 7) and what her full name was and team. (can you tell I am excited for her) 

One more Summer meet- Junior Olympics! and then its break time.

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Convention Highlights Day 1

I am off and Running to swim Champs today and tomorrow – so this will be QUICK!

Rehearsal for “I can earn and Incentive Trip” Class

Finding out I earned Founders!  Little Ribbon in a secret envelope versus a Bag- I prefer the bag.  We got it at wards night!  Its so cute!

GREAT Product displays

My Friend Helen (and  Downline) !

My friend Kathy!

More tomorrow!

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Sneak Peek Birthday Card

My son celebrated his 14th birthday while in Disney. Its was lots of fun!  Here is the card I made yesterday for him using some of my pillow gifts!!!  so exciting…I have never opened the new paper so fast!!!

Its New Designer paper called International Bazaar and a new embossing folder called Fancy Fan.  Its AWESOME!!!

OK, I forgot to share some of the FUN Pillow gifts from the Incentive trips

Cups, a visor and a great golf shirt for my Hubby (not pictured)

a wonderful Kincaid Snow white Print!

New stamps and Dsp and More!  noting but new fun!!

The best gift was the new catalog!  LOVE IT!!!

A great tote bag to Bring home all my goodies

and the cutest Disney bag ever with Snacks

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