Disney Wrap up


Minnie was my Daughters favorite!

The best sign to see after 4 days of Disney

Indiana Jones- SU style

SUCH A FUN last night event!!!

Full!! after 7 slices of Italy Pizza in Epcot.  THE BEST!

The Yummiest!

The Ovens!

We did it, we are tired and I, as a parent, never want to do Disney again.  Believe me, I am So Very Thankful that Stampin Up! choose Disney so my kids could enjoy it at the perfect age and that I can be done with it forever (LOL).  that for me, is PRICELESS!!!!

We are home now and getting caught up on laundry and other things. Picking up the puppies today too!  What a week and a BIG Thank you to Stampin Up! for a wonderful trip! (yes, it really was great!)

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Disney Day 2

Pictures say it the best!  Here are a few of my favorites.  No particular order and not really in order by Day either.

It was LOTS OF FUN!!!  Many of you know we are not a Theme park family so we planned absolutely NOTHING.  We checked the map as we entered the park, choose a few attractions and enjoyed!

Jan, Kathy & I before the park opened, getting ready for Space Mountain FIRST!

Sure was a NICE SU perk to be in the Magic Kingdom an hour before the rest of the park-goers! Were were there for a Private viewing of the Monsters Inc show.

Corny, very cute, & very early in the morning!!

I took pictures of each of the Park entrances that we went to

First Character: Alice in Wonderland.  I look like such a tourist but comfy feet is a MUST

One of my Favorite shots.  Donald made them all laugh!

Belle in Epcot

The Disney Boardwalk Hotel waterslide.  I say no more…

Cameron celebrated his Birthday, ALL WEEK, at Disney.  Lots of birthday wishes all week long kept a big smile on his face.  and a few free desserts were a nice perk too!

Hospitality room:  Each of my kids now like to spin for my prize.  Oh and do I love the SU prizes!  New ribbons, paper and embellishments were just a few.  

Race car driving!

Cameron  looks a little to excited!

The resort was just fabulous.

Line up so I can take your picture!  LOL

a few more tomorrow and then its BACK TO STAMPING!!!

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Disney Day 1

So- we have made it here to Orlando and we have had a great first FULL day.  Boy are we TIRED!!!  WE SURE DID HAVE SOME FUN!  Here are a few pictures:

I will try and post more later!!!

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More Diva Projects!

Stamping all these cards, in just one day, really can make a girl HAPPY!!!!

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Some Diva Projects

Last Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the RemArkable Stampers team meeting & Diva day.  (You have to earn Diva with sales or recruits).  Above are a few of the Diva projects we made using some of the FREE Sale-a-bration and Occasion mini products!!   

what a wonderful day of Friends and Stamping!

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A few More Diva Projects & a swap

Here are a few more of the the Diva projects!  

this is one of my favs!!!

Here is a great swap card I got from a swap it forward Friend! I trimmed and 

mounted it as soon as I got home I loved it so much!

Have a great day!

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Diva Day Team samples!

As part of jan’s team you have the ability to earn Diva Day.  If I have not mentioend it before I LOVE DIVA DAY.  Oh my WOW!  she has the best projects all ready and prepped for us to make.  Here are a few:

Love each and every one!!

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More Team meeting samples…

This was not a meeting project– but one I created with some extra pieces left over from another card:

here is a version of the sample (I changed this one)

So love the mini clothes pin!!!

I changed this up a little too- but I really and not sure how or what I did:

and an MDS iron on.  LOVE IT!  its an eye glass holder, but I already made it into a treat pouch!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some Diva Day treats!

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RemARKable Team meeting

Wow- Janet sure knows how to spoil us at Team meetings!  I had a great time at the meeting this past weekend with over 100 fabulous Demos!!!  and i even won a prize!!  Here are just a few of the FABULOUS projects we made– wow there were at least 8 or 10 projects, I think.  I did change a few of them up a bit since I went to a stamping event without my adhesive– silly me!  I made sure I stamped all the pieces and took some pictures,  I assembled them when I got home, and a few got changed in my creative process!

Such GREAT ideas!  See you tomorrow, thanks for stopping by!!!

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More Convention sharing!

Well, catch has been taking me DAYS!    here are a few more pictures from Convention!

Becky Roberts asked my to Join her meeting– WOW,  I felt FAMOUS! Hanging with both Becky and Diana Gibbs– OMG!!!  little do they both know, I actually admire BOTH of them!

Janet Wakeland.  truly and amazing woman and friend

When they say SU is all about the friends you make– they are right on!  Kathy, Laurie & Jan truly have become such dear friends to me.  the added bonus we will vacation together at Founder’s Circle and Disney!

These wonderful ladies are the Dreambuilders. a business building group I am in as part of the RemARKable stampers

a stampin BFF, Deanna

So wondering what we have been doing these past few days??

Ribbon Shares!!!!  My helpers are so cute, they actually LOVED it.

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