Some Tags and an Award

So I was tagged by Enjoli Bennett at Stamping Under the Sun. Check out her blog– there are some cute projects.

So here are 7 random things about me…I am not really that interesting so this was hard!

  1. I was a competitive swimmer in High school and college.
  2. I swam the “mile” 66 laps of the pool and placed 32nd in the US (many years ago)
  3. I had a full scholarship to Drexel for swimming.
  4. I have not swam since March 1993. a quick dip in the pool is about all I can do!
  5. I love to shop- clothes and stamps are the highest on my list.
  6. I am a snob when it comes to cars… I drove only BMW & Mercedes up until a few years ago. Now its an Acura MDX (DH talked me into it) which is nice- but I am counting the days until my new BMW X5 or Mercedes GLK crossover! I have to say The MDX 3rd row and DVD player have brought so much “driving” sanity to my life with 3 kids in the back! *wink*
  7. I drink instant coffee every morning with coffee mate hazelnut creamer- full fat of course

To all of my bloggin friends who check in here often to see what I am up to- consider yourself tagged if you have not been already!

Lucky me! I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger by Wendy Janson at Stamp with Wendy and Carol at Stamp Like Crazy.

Make sure you check out their blogs– they have some really cute cards and some WOW projects! Thanks so much ladies I am flattered!!

And just this morning I was awarded the Pico Award for blogging for a 2nd time. A big thanks goes out to Meagan at Well Dunn Ideas

Sorry it took soooo long for me to respond and post these! I can not thank all of you enough. I appreciate your support and your friendship!

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  1. Jeanna
    July 7, 2008 / 4:50 pm

    Hee hee…I was coming here to tag you too!www.stamptimesomewhere.comJeanna

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